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What we offer

Full Cycle

We provide a full cycle of Tech Recruitment. This process comprises discovering, screening and assessing the candidates that are fit for the specific technical roles. We can source the most competent software developers wolrdwide and have them work for our company remotely.

Mobilized Team

Nowadays, finding talent is the IT industry can be challenging to accomplish since there is a shortage of personnel with specific technical skills across the world. Our team is always highly attentive and mobilized to scout appropriate individuals with the highest expertize and experience levels.

Tech Roles

We seek proffesionals for all technical roles such as Developers of all stacks, DevOps Engineers, QA Testers, UI/UX Designers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters and other tech positions. We source talents from all around the world, however, a working level of English is a must.

How We Recruit


Our Team will identify
and approach the suitable
people for your needs.


The discovered people will
be carefully screened and
their potentials will be


Our experienced HR team
will process the personal
interview part for you.


The collected information
will be reclassified and
assessed to match your
needs provided to us.


The candidates will be
shortlisted based on
the criteria that our
team deems the highest.


The candidates will be
shortlisted based on
the criteria that our
team deems the highest.

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